The Truth About V8 Splash Products

If you wanted a juice drink full of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, you could’ve had a V8. Get it?

Although a V8 product may seem like a safe bet for packing in your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, watch out for V8 Splash juice items and their numerous grams of added sugar.

Where’s the Juice?

Back in my juice-drinking days, I made sure to always stock the fridge with V8’s Tropical Blend flavor, my personal favorite. Now that I actually pay attention to those nifty nutrition labels on my food products, it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about how much of that sugar water I used to consume.

To my immediate dismay, I realized high-fructose corn syrup claims its spot as the first ingredient in V8 Splash Tropical Blend. The rest mostly consists of different juices from concentrate, which simply means manufacturers put the juice through a heating process to evaporate out the water and make the product more suitable for storage. However, don’t overlook the little side note: contains 10 percent juice.

That should make you angry. If you pay for fruit juice, why in the heck do they only give you 10 percent of the good stuff?

Pour Some Sugar on Me

One of the first things dieters should look for in any type of beverage includes sugar content. V8 Splash serves as a perfect example for the reason why.

Remember those summer days in your childhood when you would help Mom make grape Kool-Aid by dumping in cups of sugar along with a purple packet of more sugar? Can you believe a serving of V8 Splash Tropical Blend actually contains MORE sugar than a serving of grape Kool-Aid?

With 16 grams of added sugar, grape Kool-Aid falls short of V8’s whopping 18 grams per eight fluid ounces. How did V8 get a reputation as a “healthy” juice, while Kool-Aid remains known to dieters as a sin in a glass?

Keep it Real

Next time you pay the supermarket a visit, slide past the juice aisle and stick to fresh produce to get your fruity fix. Real fruit contains only natural sugars, and they pack in a whole lot more vitamins and minerals than packaged beverages ever could.